The 10 Best News Websites in Ethiopia

We have prepared the following list of 10 of the most visited Ethiopian news websites today to help you make it easier to pick and choose the right news source.


    Popularity: #240

    Home – addis standard –


    Popularity: #330

    metaappz is a Personal webpage by Metaferia where he shares various programs, tools, websites as well as tutorials and sample programming codes. projects are mostly related to Amharic or Ethiopia.


    Popularity: #336

    Fana Broadcasting Corporate ፋና ብሮድካስቲንግ ኮርፖሬት አ.ማ

    Fana Broadcasting Corporate, founded in 1994, has grown from humble beginnings to become a leading force in Ethiopian media. Renowned for its community-focused content and technological innovations, it has expanded its reach across television, radio, and online platforms, setting new standards of excellence in broadcasting. With a commitment to societal progress and a skilled workforce, Fana Broadcasting Corporate continues to shape the media landscape of East Africa.


    This is the official Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) Facebook page – where you can get all the latest news in Amharic. You can follow us on: https:Facebook page

    Twitter page



    Popularity: #395

    መነሻ ገጽ | ሪፖርተር ethiopian reporter amharic –


    Popularity: #588

    Baga nagan gara website keenyaatti dhuftan

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    Popularity: #768

    Kana press – 3, Fayidaa Maalii Qabaa ?———————————————————— Deebii 1ffaa 1 kana press Maali ? Choose a domain name: Your domain name is the address that


    Popularity: #1,072

    Home – capital newspaper –


    Popularity: #1,180

    Home –


    Popularity: #1,514 | ethiopian business directory and product catalog – | ethiopian business news, business directory, company and tax information, blogs and more


    Popularity: #8,049

    Yigzuu – explore the latest innovations and trends – In today’s digital world, social media has become an integral part of our lives. […]