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Welcome to unique magazine – Find the last release here Our first periodically issue, of Unique Digital Magazine is here, this month we are featuring Comedian Tomas, covering Night Routines tips, and covering much more.

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Welcome to Unique Magazine – Your Source for Youth Success and Entertainment!

Explore our latest releases and dive into the world of successful entrepreneurs, influential artists, fashion designers, and much more in our monthly digital magazine. Each issue is carefully crafted to bring you inspiring stories, valuable tips, and exciting features that cater specifically to the youth audience.

In our latest issue:

– Issue 1: Discover our first periodically released digital magazine featuring comedian Tomas, night routine tips, and much more.
– June’s Issue: Featuring musician Mykey Shewa, morning routine tips, a medical column on Vitiligo by Dr. Yanet, and more.
– May’s Issue: Highlighting musician Cha Cha Sami, founder of MISS.T.CAL Tiyon Bahiru, a medical column on ስንፈተ ወሲብ by Dr. Bethelhem, and more.
– April’s Issue: Showcase of Habtamu Tadesse, founder of Zayride, Eyob Workineh of Linkup Addis, Helushka Fashion, a new medical column by Dr. Bethelhem, and more.
– March’s Issue: Featuring musician Dawit Cherent, fashion designer Kunjina, motivational speaker Manyazewal Eshetu, and more.

Join us in celebrating uniqueness and creativity with each issue of Unique Magazine. Stay tuned for captivating stories, expert advice, and exclusive interviews that will inspire and entertain you. Unique Magazine – Because You Are One of a Kind.

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