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Timihirt bete – Timhirt bete, is a ethiopian school managment system. it is product of ethiopia based company that was established in 2021 with a goal of enhancing innovation and technology in ethiopia.
has been working on developing a market place where local users in schools, colleges and universities can find latest global software and systems that could improve their daily operation in administration and learning a scalable product and platform which can be used for administration of all types of institutions including both academic and even non-academic concerns.

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Timhirt Bete is a cutting-edge online platform designed to optimize school operations, fostering collaboration among students, teachers, and parents. With its cloud-based infrastructure accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, Timhirt Bete simplifies administrative tasks and data management, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution compared to traditional systems. With a focus on customer satisfaction, reasonable pricing, and data security, Timhirt Bete stands as Ethiopia’s premier smart school management solution.