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Home – tikur azmud medical technologies – Currently, the company is working on interconnecting pharmaceuticals, medication importers, pharmacies and patients to facilitate medication importation, sales, reduce wastage, and allow an exchange of near expiry medications. Providing Mothers with the ability to follow their pregnancy, reduce pregnancy related complications and encourage positive motherhood experience https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tikurazmud.nefeseturcare

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Welcome to Tikur Azmud Medical Technologies, your premier destination for innovative healthcare solutions in Ethiopia and beyond. Our company is dedicated to interconnecting pharmaceuticals, medication importers, pharmacies, and patients to streamline medication importation, sales, and reduce wastage. We also facilitate the exchange of near expiry medications for a more sustainable healthcare system.

For patients, we offer valuable information on medication usage, interactions between modern pills and traditional African remedies, and ways to effectively manage illnesses. Additionally, we are committed to reducing pregnancy-related comorbidities, providing child care support, and assisting mothers experiencing stillbirth, who often face stigma in society.

At Tikur Azmud Medical Technologies, our mission is to enhance the lives of patients and healthcare workers by leveraging modern technology to improve the healthcare system in Ethiopia and across Africa. We offer a range of services, including market and clinical research, educational courses, development of healthcare apps and hospital administration software, as well as teleconsultation services for our users.

Why choose us? As a leading healthcare technology and private research company founded by medical doctors, we understand the needs and challenges faced by patients, hospitals, and pharmacies. Our dedicated team takes pride in delivering exceptional service, ensuring that you receive the best possible healthcare solutions tailored to your requirements.

Join us at Tikur Azmud Medical Technologies and experience a new era of healthcare innovation and support. Make your health a priority with us.

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