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Home – social net – We conduct all types of social researches to learn about people’s day to day lives and design the products that best suit their needs. We organize and deliver a variety of in-person or online trainings on different social issues

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Welcome to Social NET Consulting (SNC), where society is our ultimate priority.

At SNC, we specialize in various services to support the development and enhancement of individuals and organizations. Through social research, we aim to understand people’s daily lives to design products tailored to their needs. Our training programs cover a range of social issues, delivered in-person or online for convenience.

One of our key services is project proposal development, helping institutions create comprehensive and winning proposals. We also offer monitoring and evaluation services to assess the impact of programs across diverse sectors such as health, education, livelihoods, gender, and human rights.

Additionally, we provide support in developing organizational guiding documents, essential tools for long-term success. Social NET Consulting comprises a team of passionate professionals with expertise in the social sciences, dedicated to supporting civil society organizations, government sectors, private enterprises, and educational institutions.

Join us in prioritizing society and transforming communities with our customized solutions. Contact us today to see how we can support your organization’s growth and impact.

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