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“Shega Hasab: Bridging Traditional Medicine with Innovation. Welcome to Shega Hasab, a platform where traditional medicine clinics connect with customers for consultations. Our clinics are equipped with professional and commercial licenses from relevant government offices. In addition to facilitating consultations, we also serve as a bridge for innovators seeking partners to expand their businesses. If you’re an innovator, showcase your innovation here and find potential partners to collaborate with.

Meet the Tana Professional Team, a distinguished group of scholars committed to the research and development of traditional medicines in Ethiopia. Our team, predominantly comprised of pharmacists and other experts in medicine and botany from various Ethiopian universities, focuses on enhancing traditional medicine product value, protecting intellectual property rights, conserving medicinal plants, and commercializing traditional medicine products.

For inquiries, reach out to our Secretary Mr. Ebrahim Abdela at +251918020093 or our President Mr. Tewodros Ayalew at +251913997363. We value your feedback to continually improve our services.

Developed by VIP IT Solutions & Consultancy PLC. Join us at Shega Hasab in preserving and advancing traditional medicine practices in Ethiopia.”

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