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Sg avemas – import and export plc – In line with progress 2012 sgavemas import and export plc has established agricultural commodities exported to global market like whitish sesame seed humera type wolega type, soya beans, nuts, Niger seed, greenmung,white beans and red speckled beans we purchase the above agriculture products from ECX then we clear it with modern cleaning machine than after deliver to our clients and generating foreign currency for our country. Industry we produce pvc materials that could be used for plastic shoes and pipe material like pvc crystal or beredowe produce using good and modern machine it has

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Welcome to SG Avemas – Your One-Stop Solution for Exporting, Real Estate, Industry, and Import needs!

Exporting: At SG Avemas, we pride ourselves on exporting high-quality agricultural commodities to the global market. From whitish sesame seeds to soya beans, nuts, Niger seed, and more, we source premium products from the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) and deliver them to our clients, generating vital foreign currency for our country.

Real Estate: Explore our diverse portfolio that includes mixed-use apartments in prime locations like Sarbet and Wollosefer. Designed with impeccable attention to detail, our properties offer an integrated lifestyle with amenities such as banks, shops, cafes, and supermarkets. Experience luxury living at Mecharemeda with our exceptional mixed-use apartments.

Industry: Discover our cutting-edge production of PVC materials suitable for various applications, including plastic shoes and pipe materials. With state-of-the-art machinery and a focus on quality, we manufacture PVC crystal and other materials to meet the demands of our clients.

Import: SG Avemas is your trusted partner for importing raw materials such as PP raffia filler, masterbatch, ink, and more. Whether for our own consumption or distribution in the local market, our high-quality products have earned recognition and loyalty from customers.

Experience excellence, reliability, and innovation with SG Avemas. Contact us today to explore our range of services and discover how we can meet your business needs effortlessly.

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