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Welcome to the Gareen Qorannoo Aadaa Inistiitiyuutii website, dedicated to preserving and promoting Oromo culture and traditions. Our institute focuses on the study and dissemination of Oromo language, folklore, Gadaa system, and other aspects of Oromo heritage. Through our research and programs, we aim to uphold the values of diversity and unity within the Oromo community.

Explore our sections on Mul’ata, Ergama, and Duadhaa to delve into the rich tapestry of Oromo language, literature, and arts. Learn about the history and significance of Afaan, Seenaa, and traditional Oromo practices, as well as the cultural expressions that define Oromo identity.

Join us in celebrating the resilience and creativity of the Oromo people as we work towards a future of democracy and cultural empowerment. Discover the beauty of Oromo traditions, from Kabaja Aadaa to Gahumsa Ogummaa, and immerse yourself in the spirit of Hirmaachisummaa and Naamusa Ogummaa.

At Gareen Qorannoo Aadaa Inistiitiyuutii, we are committed to preserving the heritage and promoting the well-being of the Oromo community. Join us on this journey of cultural exploration and appreciation, as we honor the legacy of the Oromo people in Africa and beyond.

Experience the essence of Oromo culture through our articles, research papers, and news updates. Stay informed about the latest developments in Oromo language and arts, and engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for preserving our shared heritage.

Visit our website for a treasure trove of information on Oromo culture, language, and traditions. Let us come together to celebrate and protect the legacy of the Oromo people for generations to come.

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