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Welcome to Geez Stars – where art and technology intersect to create extraordinary storytelling experiences! Our team of talented individuals with a unique entrepreneurial mindset is dedicated to crafting high-quality video content for all forms of storytelling, using the latest tools and techniques in the industry.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for positive change through the power of filmmaking, providing a platform for young filmmakers to exchange knowledge, inspire each other, and create innovative art that resonates with diverse audiences.

At Geez Stars, our vision is to build a thriving movie industry in Ethiopia, supporting creative and visionary filmmakers while delivering captivating visual storytelling experiences to global audiences. With a focus on utilizing cutting-edge gadgets and audio-visual technologies, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of filmmaking and inspiring excellence in our industry.

Explore our website to meet our talented team, view our gallery of work, and discover the impact of our productions through our impressive numbers. Contact us today to collaborate on your next storytelling project and join us in expanding the frontier of entertainment and media. Visit us at Bole in-front of Chanoly Noodles, 5th floor, or give us a call at +251941272926 or +251922981639. Let’s create magic together!

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