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Farmachem trading plc – FarmaChem Trading PLC is established to: Export Vegetables, coffee, oil seeds, sesame seeds, and pulses to the international market and Import Medical Supplies, Medical equipment, Human medicines and Infant nutritional formulations Our vision is to become the first choice and First class coffee exporter and solution providers for Pharmaceuticals services in the country by the Year 2025.

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Welcome to FarmaChem Trading PLC – your one-stop destination for premium agricultural products and high-quality medical supplies. We specialize in exporting a variety of produce such as vegetables, coffee, oil seeds, sesame seeds, and pulses to the global market, while also importing top-notch medical supplies, equipment, medicines, and nutritional formulations.

Our vision is crystal clear – we aim to be the leading coffee exporter and pharmaceutical solution provider in the country by 2025. At FarmaChem, we are dedicated to delivering only the finest coffee beans to our customers worldwide, all while fostering strong relationships with our community and environment.

Experience the rich and fruity flavors of Ethiopian Arabica coffee, known for its unique taste profile that combines sweetness, berries, and a creamy texture. Additionally, explore our collection of oil seeds with versatile applications in vegetable oils, livestock feeds, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and more.

Discover the difference in flavor and texture between black and white sesame seeds, each offering a distinct culinary experience. Indulge in our selection of fresh vegetables and pulses, including tomatoes, onions, potatoes, strawberries, and various beans perfect for both consumption and oil extraction.

Located in Bole, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, you can reach us at +251984717977 or +251911006456, or email us at for inquiries and orders. Visit our website at to explore our product range and learn more about our mission to elevate the standards of agricultural and medical trade. FarmaChem Trading PLC – where quality meets commitment.

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