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Ethiopian dish – learn how to cook delicious ethiopian foods! – Ingredients: 5 eggs 5.3 Ounces of chopped onions 2 chilies that have been peeled and ground Half a tablespoon of Awaze Half a tablespoon of Nitir Kibbeh Half a teaspoon of white spice Half a teaspoon of salt Instructions: 1. Ingredients: One kilogram of chicken meat Six tablespoons of Nitir Kibbeh Half a tablespoon of mustard Six tablespoons of dry wine or half a jug of yeast 7 Ounces (200g) of chopped onions 3.5 Ounces (100g) of beaten barrow leaf 3.5 Ounces (100g) of minced …

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“Discover the Rich Flavors of Ethiopian Cuisine with Our Authentic Recipes! From Enkulal Firfir Wot – a Scrambled Egg Magic infused with spices like Awaze and Nitir Kibbeh to Doro Kitfo – a Minced Chicken Delight cooked with dry wine and mustard, our collection showcases the diverse and delicious dishes of Ethiopia. Indulge in the Spicy Sega Firfir, a Beef Stew mixed with injera, or savor the Famous Yebeg Wot – a Lamb Dish simmered in savory wot. Craving a Vegetarian option? Try our Fosolia, a String Beans Delight sautéed with carrots and onions. Explore the vibrant culinary heritage of Ethiopia with our step-by-step recipes and elevate your cooking experience today!”

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