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Enechawet games plc. – enechawet games plc, gaming ethiopia, gaming company ethiopia, games, game studio – Enechawet games is a game-producing and publishing company that produces games for educational and entertainment purposes. Enechawet produces Games for android and IOS mobile devices, VR , and AR devices.

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Welcome to Enechawet Games!

Enechawet Games is a dynamic game-producing and publishing company founded by four young entrepreneurs in 2019. Our focus is on creating engaging games for educational and entertainment purposes across various platforms including Android and iOS mobile devices, VR, and AR devices.

At Enechawet Games, we are dedicated to building a vibrant gaming community and engaging in various activities within the gaming industry. We take pride in our diverse portfolio of games designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Some of our featured products include “Guzo Ge’ez” and “Seenaa Fardaa.”

One of our standout projects is “Guzo Ge’ez,” a playful journey that makes learning Geez a fun experience. This game focuses on teaching Geez numbers through interactive cards available for both iOS and Android users. Players can track their progress through scoreboards and leaderboards, with top scorers earning recognition and rewards from our company.

Explore our website to learn more about our projects, customer reviews, and the innovative services we offer at Enechawet Games PLC. Join us on this exciting gaming adventure where education meets entertainment!

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