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Elenadigrande – elena digrande farm – Established in Ethiopia in 1997 GC Elena Digrande Farm is a family company, and the family farm is established with a start-up capital of 20 million and a plot land size of 50 hectares in Raya Ethiopia, in 1997 GC ( 2000 EC ).

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Welcome to Elena Digrande General Import and Export, a leading Ethiopian-based company established in 1997 GC. We are proud to introduce Elena Digrande Farm, a family-owned venture with a rich history of producing high-quality Teff, Fruits, and Vegetables.

Located in Raya Ethiopia, our modern irrigation farm spans 50 hectares and is equipped with state-of-the-art drip and sprinkler technology. With a borehole capable of discharging 50 liters per second, we ensure a consistent water supply year-round, enabling us to produce premium crops without interruption.

At Elena Digrande, we are dedicated to excellence in agriculture and export. Our products can be found in supermarkets across the globe, bringing the flavors of Ethiopia to discerning customers worldwide.

For more information, collaboration opportunities, or inquiries, please contact us at elenafruitveg@gmail.com. Join us in experiencing the exceptional quality and taste of Elena Digrande products.

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