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Home – psnp – Dire Dawa Administration Agriculture, water Mines and Energy Bureau The objective of the PSNP is to assure food consumption and prevent asset depletion for food insecure households in chronically food insecure woredas, while stimulating markets, improving access to services and natural resources, and rehabilitating and enhancing the natural environment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp68Hi4yo6Q&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9-mTuyBsEk

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Welcome to the Dire Dawa Administration Agriculture, Water Mines, and Energy Bureau’s website. We are proud to present the Productive Safety-Net Program Livelihood component, aimed at ensuring food consumption and preventing asset depletion for food-insecure households in chronically food-insecure areas. Our program focuses on stimulating markets, improving access to services and natural resources, as well as rehabilitating and enhancing the natural environment.

Here’s what our clients have to say about the Diredawa livelihood component program and the PSNP outputs:

– Output 1: Timely and adequate transfers ensure eligible core caseload of PSNP clients receive regular cash or food transfers, enabling them to smooth consumption and prevent asset depletion.
– Output 2: Shock-responsive transfers provide additional support to clients in times of shock to protect consumption and assets.
– Output 3: Public Works respond to community livelihood needs, contributing to disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and mitigation.
– Output 4: Linkages to available social services are facilitated for core PSNP clients to access services beyond the program.
– Output 5: Tailored livelihood options are accessed by eligible clients to improve their livelihoods through various strategies and investments.
– Output 6: PSNP management and capacity are enhanced to ensure efficient program delivery.

The PSNP has made significant contributions to addressing the negative impacts of severe drought, working alongside other efforts. Join us in our mission to support vulnerable households and build resilient communities.

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