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Dega group – Our success is attributed to service, quality, and attention to detail, the motto on which Dega Group was founded and which continues today to ensure complete and ongoing customer satisfaction. Dega Group is active in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, transit services, real estate, and other activities in the private sector.

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Welcome to Dega Group – Where Excellence Is Standard!

At Dega Group, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to service, quality, and meticulous attention to detail. Our founding motto guides us in everything we do, ensuring your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

Who We Are
Dega Group is a dynamic entity engaged in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, transit services, real estate, and various other private sector activities. Since our inception, we have fostered a thriving business ecosystem that fuels success for our partners, stakeholders, and the wider private sector. With a keen eye for untapped business opportunities and a strategic approach, we pave the way for prosperity.

Our Services
1. Manufacturing: Leading the way in apparel manufacturing excellence.
2. Real Estate: Crafting top-tier properties for the most discerning clients.
3. Import/Export: Connecting the world to premium coffee from its source.
4. Transport: Providing versatile logistics solutions for businesses.
5. Agriculture: Offering innovative agricultural solutions for sustainable growth.

Why Choose Us?
– Experience excellence in every interaction.
– Trust in our proven track record of success.
– Benefit from our strategic insights and foresight.
– Embrace a partnership that prioritizes your prosperity.

Sister Company: Tato Coffee Exporters
As a part of our family, Tato Coffee Exporters specializes in the cultivation, sourcing, grading, and export of the finest coffee beans from the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Discover the richness of our specialty and commercial coffee offerings and embark on a global coffee journey with us.

Choose Dega Group for a partnership built on excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication to your success.

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