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Welcome to CaseDocs – Your Reliable, Affordable & Efficient Medical Record Retrieval Solution

At CaseDocs, we specialize in managing the entire medical record retrieval process, allowing organizations to focus on growth by delegating tasks and maximizing resources. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we cater to insurance companies, personal injury firms, mass tort practitioners, workers’ compensation specialists, and medical malpractice attorneys. Our tailored solutions and advanced technology ease the time-consuming and costly process of record retrieval.

What sets us apart is our automated record collection system, turning us into your medical record virtual assistants. Our HIPAA compliant secure portal simplifies managing requests, tracking statuses, downloading records, paying invoices, and more. Requests can be submitted 24/7, with same-day processing. The CaseDocs team ensures timely follow-ups with providers every four days, ensuring efficient service.

Upon receiving records, we review them for quality and promptly upload them to the secure portal for easy access anytime. Payment options are flexible, with fees only applicable to processed requests. Our pricing is transparent, starting at $35 per request, with no additional charges for cancellations or “no records found” responses.

Experience our streamlined solutions and benefit from our 30-day turnaround time, HIPAA compliant record retrieval, and a network of 3.6 million provider relationships. Contact us at 678-532-5258 or to inquire about fees and payment options. Upload your request in less than 2 minutes and let us take care of the rest. Trust CaseDocs – where efficiency meets reliability in medical record retrieval.

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