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Ays – ays trading – AYS Trading is one of the leading Sesame and mung bean exporter has a proud history of providing quality Sesame and mung bean production to the local and international markets.. […] Since 2011 E.C. the Company has been focused on export business particularly on export of best quality Ethiopia coffee, oil seeds & pulses like sesame seeds, beans, mung bean and red kidney bean that have worldwide acceptance and high demand organic agricultural products.

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Welcome to our PLC website, dedicated to the export of Ethiopian Agricultural Products and the establishment of commercial farms! Our mission is to develop agroindustry manufacturing plants to boost the availability of foreign currency and promote import substitution. Since 2011 E.C., our company has been devoted to the export of top-quality Ethiopian coffee, oil seeds, and pulses such as sesame seeds, beans, mung beans, and red kidney beans, which are renowned for their worldwide acceptance and high demand as organic agricultural products. In addition to our export activities, we are also engaged in coal mining and cement distribution. Join us in our efforts to provide high-quality agricultural products to the global market while contributing to the growth of Ethiopia’s economy.

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