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Welcome to Lucy Orthopedics, your premier destination for top-quality orthopedic care in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, specializing in joint, tendon, ligament, bones, and related health issues.

At Lucy Orthopedics, our team of highly skilled orthopedic surgeons and specialists are committed to delivering personalized care to each patient. We offer cutting-edge services, including joint replacement, spinal surgery, trauma care, sports medicine, arthroscopy, foot and ankle surgery, hand and wrist surgery, pediatric orthopedics, and musculoskeletal oncology.

Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities to ensure safe, effective, and up-to-date procedures. We provide a comfortable and supportive environment for our patients, keeping them informed and involved throughout their treatment journey.

Whether you’re an athlete seeking sports-related injury treatment or an individual facing orthopedic issues, Lucy Orthopedics is here to help you regain mobility and improve your quality of life. Our commitment to compassionate and patient-centered care sets us apart, and we strive to empower our patients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health.

If you’re in need of orthopedic care, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced specialists. Contact us via email at or give us a call at +251913468103. Your journey to better health and mobility starts here at Lucy Orthopedics.

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