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Alliance star business group – Alliance Star Business Group founded in September 2015; it had set the goal of becoming Ethiopia’s most customer-focused import/export company. Alliance Star Business Group is comprised of specialist experts who function with a deep-rooted understanding of the sector.

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Welcome to Alliance Star Business Group, your premier partner for import and export services in Ethiopia. Established with a vision to become one of the most prominent and sustainable intergenerational companies in Africa, we are dedicated to preserving our roots and legacy of hard work while making positive contributions to society through various sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, trade, and real estate.

At Alliance Star Business Group, we set high standards for ourselves, aiming to be a major player in the import/export business and supply high-quality value-added products. With a focus on exceeding agricultural output quotas and maintaining market dominance, we are committed to excellence in all our endeavors.

Why Choose Alliance Star Business Group?
– **Global Partnership:** Our team of specialist experts provide tailor-made services to ensure customer satisfaction.
– **People-Centric Approach:** Our dedicated employees offer 24/7 services with a focus on problem-solving and customer needs.
– **Quality Assurance:** We prioritize delivering quality products and services in a timely manner, ensuring transparency and client satisfaction.

Our Core Values:
– **Integrity:** Upholding moral and ethical principles in all business engagements.
– **Customer Centric:** Placing customers at the center of our business and meeting their needs.
– **Perseverance:** Overcoming obstacles and setbacks to achieve higher goals.
– **Compassion:** Valuing empathy, kindness, and respect in all interactions.
– **Collaboration:** Fostering teamwork and mutual benefits for success.
– **Respect:** Valuing diversity and treating others with dignity.

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