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Welcome to Algamosy – your premier consultancy firm based in Khartoum, established in 2022. We specialize in visa guidance in various categories, local and international private trips, and overseas educational consultations. Committed to providing top-notch solutions for students seeking education in international institutions, Algamosy is a leading educational consultant abroad.

With us, you can study abroad at top educational centers worldwide, including Russia, India, Ukraine, and Malaysia. We offer comprehensive visa consultation services across various categories such as vacations, education, work, and medical travel. From local to global travel services, including VIP tailored trips, we’ve got you covered.

Explore high-quality educational packages abroad in advanced countries through our expert guidance. Whether you aim for work, settlement, or study in countries like Russia, India, Malaysia, or Ukraine, our tailored service packages help you achieve your goals.

Benefit from our reasonably priced airline tickets to destinations worldwide, along with hotel reservations and car rental services. Algamosy also offers medical care packages in prestigious hospitals in Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and India.

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing expert guidance in visa applications, ensuring confidence in your travel, education, employment, or business purposes. Whether it’s local travel in Ethiopia or international travel to Turkey and Dubai, Algamosy offers a range of services to cater to your needs.

Additionally, we provide consultancy and training in management, emerging information and communications technology trends, and the Internet of Things. Our priority is to deliver highly qualified products and services, adapting to each demand to offer our clients the best possible experience.

Join us to receive services conveniently from your office or home couch with our fast and quality service. Discover more with Algamosy as we provide tangible answers to our clients’ needs.

Our team of dedicated specialists will guide you throughout the process, offering the highest level of hospitality and expert efficiency. Meet our experienced team members, including the CEO, operations director, HR manager, ticketing manager, accountant, and communication and marketing directors.

Visit us at the Arab Market, Freedom Street, Khartoum, Sudan, or reach out via email at

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