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Home – acatech technology – Introduce Data Driven solutions and improving the Ethiopian Data Ecosystem More than 80 desk heads, department heads and higher officials from the MoA attended the workshop.

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Welcome to the Ethiopian Data Solutions website!

Introducing cutting-edge data-driven solutions to enhance the Ethiopian Data Ecosystem. Our expertise and experience empower you to navigate even the most intricate challenges with confidence.

Highlights from our recent events include workshops on the National Ag-Datahub, attended by over 80 officials from the Ministry of Agriculture. We specialize in transforming data into actionable insights for government agencies at federal and regional levels.

Our innovative DATA HUB Architecture facilitates data gathering, integration, preparation for analytics, and seamless data flow management. Hosted by the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and developed by Acatech Technology, with sponsorship from the World Bank.

Explore our projects like the Farm Management Information System for the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) and the National Soil Information System aiming for comprehensive soil data integration and management.

Discover our interactive dashboards for the Ethiopian Agriculture Data-Hub and Climate-Smart Agriculture Knowledge Management Hub. Unlock breakthrough value and confidently make critical business decisions with our expert guidance.

The EIAR Research Data Portal supports FAIR Data Principles, faceted search, and integrations with tools like Jupyter notebooks and R studio, empowering data exploration and analysis.

With a holistic and data-driven approach, we assist organizations in achieving leadership in their industries. Our consulting services, including R&D solutions and software development, are tailored to suit your needs and drive success aligned with your core objectives.

Partner with us to harness the potential of data and advanced analytics, enabling your organization to thrive in the digital age. Request a call back today, and let’s embark on the journey to data-driven success together.

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